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Wire Rope Hoists

The attractive design of STAHL CraneSystems' wire rope hoists masks a compact, sturdy construction which is extremely low-maintenance. Their reliability, power and long service life are above average. The particularly smooth, precise starting and braking characteristics are common to all.

SH Wire Rope Hoist

The SH wire rope hoist from STAHL CraneSystems is one of the best hoists in the world. Compact, powerful and particularly maintenance-friendly.

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AS 7 Wire Rope Hoist

The AS 7 range supplements the SH series in the upper S.W.L. range up to 125,000 kg. Its compact construction makes it particularly suitable for systems manufacture and applications in restricted spaces. The AS 7 wire rope hoist is used either as stationary hoisting or towing equipment or mounted on crabs on double girder cranes and systems. On the AS 7 wire rope hoist, motor, gearbox and rope

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AS 7 ZW Wire Rope Hoist

STAHL CraneSystems upgrades its heavy duty class with the new AS 7 ZW.

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ASR 7 Wire Rope Hoist

The ASR 7 wire rope hoist has been especially developed for the load capacity range from 20 to 32 tonnes. It closes the gap between the field-proven  wire rope hoist series SH and AS 7. Thanks to the lower load ca

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