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STAHL CraneSystems - Magazine 18


SLS Cranes partners of STAHL CraneSystems are pleased to announce their Magazine 18. Hot off the press and now available, click here to view eMagazine.

Very Exciting News and a positive future for STAHL Cranesystems with the recent takeover by Columbus McKinnon.

Keep up the “STAHLIANER” spirit!!

SLS Cranes Company Profile!


Check out our new Company Profile!!

Do you Comply? Chain Sling Australian Standard Changes - AS3775.1&2-2014


We have been hard at work updating our Working Load Limit Charts and Chain Sling Tags. Why? A new standard for Chain Slings has been released, AS3775.1&2-2014 which supersedes the AS3775.1&2-2004. (Click to download our current 2015 WLL Chart.)

So what does this mean and how does it affect you?
The main changes are:

  • Addition of Grade V(100) Chain and and Components.
  • Reeved 2, 3 or 4 Leg Slings can only be used at a maximum of angle of 60°.
  • Recommended Intervals for Testing of Chain Slings is now use dependant.


The big change is the addition of Grade 100 Chain Slings to AS3775.1&2. Before now, Grade 100 chain slings were not included in AS3775.1&2 and so had no testing criteria which meant they could not be NATA Certified.

So what is Grade 100? Grade 100 is considered premium quality by manufactures. Grade 100 Chain and Fittings are manufactured from alloy steel, have a 25% higher working load capacity and greater wear resistance than Grade 80 chain. Grade 100 becomes especially useful for heavy lift applications where a chain size 13mm and above is required. The higher working loads of Grade 100 mean a smaller chain size can be used and the reduced weight makes it much easy to store, use and manoeuvre.

Want know more about the changes to AS3775.1&2? Contact our staff on (08)9434 1776 or lifting@slscranes.com.au.

Safe Lifting!

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